Catharsis against objectivity

A question to a visiting Korean professor on the topic of the Historiography of Korea

With all these debates and arguments going around on whose [conservative, nationalist, liberal, etc.] interpretation is accurate, how do you stay objective?

I don’t remember what he answered but it went something along the lines of

Being objective is not standing in the middle. If the data is leaning to the left or right because it really does, then so be it. To quote Emile Durkheim, being objective is measuring how close you are to the ideal.

His answer radically changed my view of what “being objective” meant in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Tweeting (verb)

This is the first in a long time I have again seen the word “tweeting” be used in the context of sounds birds make. It goes to show how powerful media and people following it can change and shape language contexts, a reminder for us that language is a living thing thriving on our consciousness and daily life.

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