3-in-1 Coffee

Been out of beans for a week or so. Not getting to drink coffee within the day gives mild caffeine withrawal symptoms within the first 6-12 hours, and hits hard after another 6-12 hours. Headaches, irritability and overall want to sleep keep going on. I’m forced to have 3-in-1 instant coffee in its stead but Nescafe just doesn’t really cut it, you know.

School breaks == no money
I’m broke and my head hurts.


Last chance


Three semesters left until graduation.

Grades release.
I’ve been given one last chance to pick up after the mess I made these last few semesters. Too late to back out, too early to quit. I would like to thank all the teachers and professors for putting up with me through the last decade.

There’s just one last paper to do.
Why the hell are you still procrastinating.
Please get your shit together.


Cold brew: finally did it right

I got started on coffee with your everyday 3-in-1 mixes. Then, started making mocha with Nescafe Gold and Swiss Miss. Got a French Press, and started making better lattes with foamy milk. Then I discovered the joys of making cold brew coffee. It was an ongoing experiment of getting the formula and recipie right.

Now, I’ve managed to have some equipment like a few empty liquor bottles, a weighing scale, a handheld ceramic burr coffee grinder, and some quality local Arabica beans from Sagada, Mountain Province. These have a balanced flavor and have a slightly sweet aftertaste. It has strong notes of dark chocolate and tobacco, mostly whiffed during the grinding process, An earthy flavor hits first on initial contact, a strong presence of tobacco follows soon right after, and a dark chocolate aftertaste trails a few seconds after swallowing.


I had a few mistakes when making the brew. It turns out 16 hours is too long and the coffee has become sour at that point. A barista friend suggested to immerse for less than 12 hours, and try 8 hours even. True enough, quality has greatly improved and there is no more sourness in the coffee. While there is no absolute ratio in terms of making a batch, I was told that a ratio of 1:10 is a good start. That is, for every gram of coffee, use 10mL water. In this case, I had 100g of coffee for a 1L batch. This is just right for me, but there is room for adjustment depending on how strong you want it to be.

Right now, I’m just enjoying my glass of cold brew while trying to grep all these papers thrown at me.



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