I guess you fail to take into account that I have homework to do.
I can’t get started because

  • my room door gets opened in a very jarring manner (yes, this is a big deal. If you think it isn’t, then you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about)
  • it’s hard to start when someone goes inside my room just to {do,get,lie on my bed (why???)} something
  • frustration from all the above

Please get the hint.
This is why I prefer staying in a cafe during late nights, given the chance.

Twitching eyes. Yeah, that’s fun.

Failure in Logic (or Arguments Networkers Give That Make Your Head Asplode)

Read its caption (translation in some other time).


I hear illogical arguments every now and then. I admit I’ve thrown some myself. But if there’s one argument that gets on my nerves, it’s those going along the lines of “I’ve spent X years in school but I didn’t get rich”.
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