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Sir, your bird stirred my girlfriend’s birthday party.

After maintenance the main remains and remainders are left on the domain.

The grand commander demands thousands of sandy sandwiches.

and lots more in that link.
I still don’t get what it’s for.
Upon further reading, it seems to be a list of sentences to practice diction on for English as a Second Language learners. The sentences are gramatically correct but semantically nonsensical, which is fine since it practices diction and pronunciation instead of actual sentence construction.

The post title is now inaccurate.

Design process

It’s sad to see people take the design process for granted. What is an intricate process of carefully calculated design placements and decisions is oversimplified to a process of a drawings, clicks, and simple adjustments. I make no claim on being a designer, or someone in the creative industry, but this feeling translates well into other industries like in IT administration, or another medium like photography. For me, I get the same feeling in terms of doing computer work, so I can very much empathize with this situation.

While people across their own respective professions generally do almost the same kind of work, skill determines the value of their work. And that is what is paid for. Unfortuntately, this skill is hard to quantify, being intangible in nature, makes comparisons for the unfamiliar rather short-sighted. What is percieved savings in money may have been traded off for quality, and in cases of photographers for example, terrible pictures.

Schoolmates, please pay attention to this part.
I would like to direct your attention to those posters and other artwork made by our orgs. They’re nice and artfully made. Please know that hiring a designer is not inexpensive. You have a creatives team for making posters, promotional materials, profile pictures, and other media needs. If you are not doing so, please appreciate their work, and specially to they themselves. A lot of time and effort has been put into these works. A lot of money has been saved because of their efforts

I also understand that these “free” design jobs are done with reason or agenda. For the org, they have something to work with. For the aspiring creative, an opportunity to build a portfolio of works. An opportunity to be known, and an opportunity to be tapped further down the line should they choose to go professional.
All I am asking for is to give them the same kind of love as your say, marketing team who’s been trying to pull in money and sponsorships, or the logistics team who’s pulling strings to book places and secure whatever is needed for an event. Give the same kind of love to your IT staff who work behind the scenes, keeping your systems and infrastructure smoothly running. And to give the same kind of love to your members, who make the abstract structure of an organization embody some sort of concrete representation in reality.


A problem question?

问题 「問題」
wen4 ti2
1. Question, issue
2. Trouble, mishap
definition from Pleco dictionary

Interesting to note that 问题 means either a question or a problem. On a stretch, this can reveal how the thought process in their history was.

I would hazard a guess that because of their social structure of obedience (see Confucianism, five relationships), questions could potentially be seen as a problem, in a positive or negative sense.

This would be an interesting research topic.

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