I’m out of milk for coffee, and this is my last bag of green tea of unknown variety from Japan. So I decided to experiment.

Instead of steeping tea in a regular teapot, I decided to use the Aeropress. In this brew, it is essential to use the inverted brewing method lest you have water dripping out while the tea is still not done.


Steps are simple:

  1. Rip teabag open
  2. Pour tea leaves in waiting Aeropress
  3. Pour 75degC water (adjust depending on tea variety) in chamber to almost full
  4. Let steep for 2 minutes with occasional stirring (adjust accordingly)
  5. Place cap with microfilter
  6. Press!

Not an optimal brew, I’m still trying to figure out how long does which, but it’s pretty good and the tea came out stronger than expected.


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