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While I have a slight aversion to some forms of social media, details of their sites still catch my attention.

Facebook recently added this picture when you have successfully logged out. It’s not much, but it’s delightful, to begrudgingly admit. This is an effort to humanize the social media experience. Social media yes, interacting with people, but our interactions are abstracted behind a machine. No matter how immersive user experience is, the moment that device is put to sleep, the experience is gone until the next notification (and even then said notification could have been programatically generated).

After all that, I find it personally effective.
Maybe I lack some sort of intimacy or some outlet to express intimacy, but that’s for another story.

Low hanging fruit

Motivation is something in terrible scarcity for me. Couple that with terrible anxiety with where-the-hell-am-I-going-to-start-with-all-this-work-itis, nothing’s really helping.

Here’s to hoping picking low hanging fruit1 for motivation and to at least give a feeling of accomplishment. It’s a very long road ahead.

Next question is, which of my tasks here are low hanging fruit?

  1. low hanging fruit: easy to do tasks 


Screenshot 2015-09-26 at 3.48.39 PM-clean

build obtained from

After spending an hour playing around with ChromiumOS (open source basis of Google’s ChromeOS) running off a live image, I can say is that it’s slick. The OS performs well from what I can see and the appeal is definitely there.

A friend said:

it’s best on a ssd, with a fast internet connection it feels like it’s an OS from the future

I agree. Fast and simple to use.

As for me, I’m not their market. My use case would call it great for a guest computer or kiosk PC, there is good potential. For casual users and those who do most of their work on the web, ChromiumOS is an excellent option.

Had our Bay Trail based laptop didn’t need some Windows-only programs, I would have loaded a Linux distro or ChromiumOS on that thing and saved myself from a lot of headache.

Some caveats:

  • ChromiumOS does not come with proprietary plugins like mp3 support and Flash. the Chromium project is not licensed to do so but workarounds by the community to enable these restricted plugins are available, and at your own risk, as usual.
  • As ChromiumOS is aimed at developers, don’t expect everything to work at first. I had issues with wireless and had to resort to tethering my Android phone for an internet connection. A retail Chromebook or Chromebox would be strongly recommended for the mass market.
  • An internet connection is required to use Chrom(e|ium)OS. No way around it. (For an OS designed for the web, it wouldn’t make sense not to require connectivity.)

Rock Swings

I showed a professor friend of mine Spandau Ballet’s 2009 re-recording of True from their album “Once More”. He then pointed out that Paul Anka made Swing and Big Band renditions of soul, rock, synthpop, and grunge hits ranging from the 1970s to the 1990s.

I can’t believe how he’s done Van Halen’s “Jump” and Oasis’s “Wonderwall”. I simply cannot describe (me to a friend: “malalaglag panty mo rito!” [your panties will drop!])
I highly encourage you, dear reader, to listen for yourself. For you Gen X and Y people, there are real nice treats for you in there.

Again, unbelieveable.

On a side note: wow, Paul Anka’s still making great music.


How Iglesia ni Cristo is destroying the Philippines

Post header picture is a friend and I walking smack in the middle of EDSA Crossings (Shaw) southbound lane. It’s the first time we’ve done so.

First of all, get the fuck out of EDSA. Your actions are highly uncalled for and your organization’s hypocrisy is astounding. Your call for separation of church and state is highly out of context. The constitution’s concession for that is to prevent the state from having a preferred religion. Second, kidnapping (or ‘illegal detention’ as how reports put it) is a criminal offense, a crime against the people. No amount of protection will help you on that. Attempting to justify said action as a ‘religious ritual’ is invalid and blatantly stupid.
In addition, if your call for separation of church and state because the Department of Justice is allegedly interfering with your religious affairs, you are completely wrong. Remember: an alleged crime against an individual has been done and a case has been filed. The department is doing its job. See this? Even when you’re all being an asshole to Filipinos, the justice department is still working on the case. That, my friends, is being fair.
If the claim of separation is to be apolitical, dear lord, that is delusion. Please explain to me your bloc voting system and doctrinal suppression of mass movement. That, in itself, is a highly political gesture.

Second, congratulations on paralyzing an already congested road. If your plan was to endear your organization to the people, well, don’t even bother. Plan on refunding the economic losses you’ve caused to the government, people, and economy?

Third, local governments: WHY THE FUCK DID YOU GIVE THEM PERMITS. WHY.

In school, I was taught that freedom is well and good as long as you don’t impinge on the rights of others. What you are doing right now is not freedom. A little more and I’d happily call your cult of a religion a threat to national security. Your organization deserves nothing from the people.

A friend and I were joking on “what if the Church of Scientology managed to set foot in the Philippines”. A little later we realized that they already have, only localized: the Iglesia ni Cristo.


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