Two nights ago, I seriously considered taking my seatbelt off.
Today, I still don’t know.

Considering the age gap between my siblings and my birth month, I may have been an accident, conceieved most likely during new year’s eve. I’ve given nothing but headache to people around.

Why am I still staying around?
Because I’m on the fence.


There’s this thing, you see. Prodding a budding flower won’t make it bloom faster. Even if this flower is what you want and all the rest have bloomed, it’s not yet time. Let it grow on its own.


In the heart of a seed,
Buried deep, so deep,
A dear little plant
Lay fast asleep.

Wake! said the sunshine,
And creep to the light
Wake! said the voice
Of the raindrops bright.

The little plant heard
And rose up to see
What the wonderful outside
World might be.

The Little Plant, by Kate Brown

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