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I don’t get it.

This testimonial is saying they were having fertility problems for six years then became fertile and had a baby after taking glutathione supplements. This glutathione supplement claims to be an anti-oxidant, an “immune system booster”, a “detoxifier”, and a skin lightener1. Where in the list does it claim to improve fertility? Most likely, this is a case of correlation does not imply causation.

Fallacies and poor writing aside, instead of calling bullshit on this product (whoops), I’ll give it a more, uh, diplomatic description:


Now, if this testimonial means they put off having a baby until being part of this business club, that’s poor copywriting.

Terrible, in either case.

Money money money

Tatay asked me to lend him some money a few days ago.

I kinda asked for money today.
Got none. No salary because of a payroll miscalculation, differential to be paid out by the end of the month.

I can’t help but laugh inside.
I almost did an actual laugh.
I can’t help but laugh at how deep in shit we are.

I’m going out with friends tonight.

I need to find a job soon. Shit just got real.

But religion?

After a few days of begging for parents to allow me to join a meditation course rooted in Buddhist teachings, I have managed to be given a tentative yes (good enough).

Then this question came along.

Mother: “But you won’t convert to Buddhism right? You’ll still be Catholic?”
Me: “… (mumbles) mm”


For reference, there is no need for conversion as Buddhism is not necessarily a religion (to my knowledge) and is fundamentally compatible with teachings of the major religions of the world.
However, if it is a religion, no problem.


I haven’t logged in Facebook for around two weeks now, but the emails are there so that kinda doesn’t count? But still.

temporalthought, you have 18 new notifications, 2 friend suggestions and 1 event invite

A lot has happened since you last logged in…

Eh, that’s not a lot.

I should stop checking this mail account. It’s as good as checking Facebook.
Starting today.


Also rapidly disappearing are the generation of scientists, engineers and programmers who made the first computer games. Right now, Scott said, you can go to the Computer History Museum to play Spacewar, one of the earliest video games. Sometimes, on Saturdays, the original programmer Steve “Slug” Russell himself will be there.

“He will play you, and he will kick your ass,” Scott said, “and you will feel humble. It’s like a caveman showed up and took you out.”

“But they will not be around forever, and I worry about that. … Because life is a lossy format.”
2015. Hall, Charlie. The future of games history is workplace theft. Polygon

Emphasis added.

There is
an inherent loss
with whatever we do.

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