Five Precepts

Around two weeks ago, we were tasked to undertake the Five Precepts. As mere fragile mortals in the world, violation of any precept is inevitable.

I am no different.

I have violated most of these precepts in one way or another. However, I will continue uphold the fifth precept (abstinence from intoxicating substances) to the best of my ability. This has not been violated so far, and do not plan to do so in the future.

For the other precepts, I shall try again.

Sometimes, another perspective

Sometimes, I don’t know why I go out of the way to help people. Giving out too much of yourself to others, forgetting to leave some for your own, losing yourself in the process.

Picking up from the retreat, maybe that’s the point? Give yourself away to the point of completely losing ego. There is no me, myself, and I. Renouncing all worldly posessions is too much for me, but giving is closer to that, at least. Giving with pure volition and only with the thought of helping others out of pure compassion and love.

Pure giving dissolves ego, but in this world, we have to play the game.
No matter how much we’d hate to.
We have to.

Complete irrelevance


I don’t get it.

This testimonial is saying they were having fertility problems for six years then became fertile and had a baby after taking glutathione supplements. This glutathione supplement claims to be an anti-oxidant, an “immune system booster”, a “detoxifier”, and a skin lightener1. Where in the list does it claim to improve fertility? Most likely, this is a case of correlation does not imply causation.

Fallacies and poor writing aside, instead of calling bullshit on this product (whoops), I’ll give it a more, uh, diplomatic description:


Now, if this testimonial means they put off having a baby until being part of this business club, that’s poor copywriting.

Terrible, in either case.

Leave the thoughts to the mind


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