A standard set of software among users

I’ve met people from other countries, and sometimes, I get to see their desktop. I’ve noticed that there is a set of software commonly used by people of a specific country. Granted, this is behavior is not new because of market segmentation and all that, but hey, it’s nice to notice.


  • GOM Player
  • Line
  • KakaoTalk


  • 360 Security (eww!)
  • Tencent QQ
  • Sogou Input
  • QQPlayer
  • Weixin (WeChat for international users)

These observations are in no way rigorous and scientific and are solely based on experiences. Still a good topic to look at though.

Do you have a common set for your country?

Number porting in The Philippines (or lack thereof)

For those who aren’t familiar with number porting, it is a process where if a person has a telephone number, that telephone number will not change even if that person changes carriers throughout its lifetime. The telephone number follows the person, to put it in another way. Telcos in the Philippines, unfortunately, do not offer such a service. It is a generally accepted social fact that telephone numbers (cell numbers, to be specific), are transient. One person may change numbers anytime during their lifetime and the work with re-establishing a telephone number-to-person association is accepted as a natural part of the process.

While we are not offered such a provision, it is possible to emulate this behavior with a few tools:

  1. Call divert/forwarding
  2. A dual-SIM phone

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