Things don’t always go as planned

‘Oh, yes. But I don’t care about me. And I’ll do it and then everything will be fine’

–Hemingway, Earnest, “Hills Like White Elephants”

In the middle of a girl named “Jig” and the man’s conversation, there were several mentions of about a “simple” operation of “letting the air in”. A probable euphemism of a currently outlawed procedure here. They are in a station in E

There are times where we are forced to make a choice. A simple but rather highly consequential choice casually made over say, dinner. A probable case where it could have a lasting influence in one account or another.

Screw it.

I’ll take this one literally.

So there’s no one wants to do ‘that’ dirty job or no one else is around. Maybe you’re getting frustrated and just want it done. What do you do? Do it yourself probably with some sort of disregard to safety. Give me a camera and a scene (robbery, fire, natural disaster, car chase, you-name-it) and I’ll forget that I’m still alive and have a complete set of limbs. And a brain. Yes, brains are good. Not the ones splattered all over the white carpeted floor though.

“And I’ll do it then everything will be fine.”
That’s until something goes nuts. As a frequent victim of Murphy’s Law, (please excuse the wiki link) we really cannot help but imagine when it does go wrong. Not a question of if but as a question of when. Of all the million variables in this world (see Infinite Monkey Theorem), at least one of those will go wrong and skew results. And do those get ugly. I’ve had it happen during projects, demos and times-when-I-need-that-equipment-working-the-most. Sometimes, recovery is possible; else, ad-lib or work around it. Still not as pretty as it should be though.

Does this all still make sense? Hope it does.

He rarely before now had thought of damnation and Hell—that part of it didn’t speak to his spirit—and in worship services he more just tuned himself out and tolerated Hell when it came up

–Wallace, David Foster, “Good People”

This story has recurring references to the Bible and being “good people”. There is a feeling of togetherness and bonding but with awkwardness holding them back. Honestly, I can’t follow the story but the quote is fine in this part. Sorry.

(hope me parents don’t see this bit)

Here’s a little background. Came in as Catholic in a Catholic school, stayed for eleven years, graduated as an agnostic. Funny thing.

Then we get to Hell. Really though, hell could exist anywhere, Feels Like Heaven. Catch: it’s not the biblical type. Heaven and hell could be just a state of mind or emotion where one is presently in. Say the story could even be implying that the worship service is hell for him.

“…tolerated Hell when it came up”

Remember the old advice to ignore bullies? To a child, experiencing bullying could be hell. Could be heaven if well, to each their own. Oh well, have to learn to love the life you live.

Carefully twist your words.

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