Oh, look! A rant!

The deeper societal problem is lookism. For decades people’ve been willing to talk about racism and sexism, but they’re still reluctant to talk about lookism.

At the start of the story, there were concerns of the potential side-effects of calliagnosia, referred to as “calli” for short. A disorder (may or may not be self-inflicted) where you cannot see beauty in peoples’ faces. According to them, it levels the playing field. I find it to be superfluous. True, looks can get you somewhere but it’s not going to always work. Tell me, how can you bluff your way out of a car accident?

Ha! Lookism. One more term invented for political correctness, my ass. Like it or not, whatever you do, you will end up offending someone, somewhere, some other time. Don’t want to offend anyone? Don’t live. Wait, you’re already living. So what do you do? Kill yourself. Cease to exist. Easy right? Nope. Still no. You kill yourself, that’s still an action. That means you still offended someone. Get the point?

Point is, it’s all pointless. Everyone has differences. Norms are normalities because the majority is and says so. Everything is everywhere! Look different? YOU’RE NOT NORMAL. You either get labeled as a weirdo, autistic or whatever. It’s all invented by society. Hence,
this: http://m.xkcd.com/1073/ (credit to a friend who saw this strip)

We had a defense against beauty…There is a type of tonal agnosia, or aprosodia, that makes you unable to hear voice intonation…There’s also an agnosia that prevents you from recognizing facial expressions. Adopting the two of these would protect you from this type of manipulation

Guess what, it’s called censorship. Self-censorship even. You intentinally blind or avoid yourself from the “colors” of the world. You get less meaning from your daily interactions. Eventually, when you become blind to these stimuli, it reduces a human being into essentially a robot. An emotionless robot. Nothing more, nothing less. Life *then* loses meaning. So, eventually, we all arrive in this Orwellian future. Everything is now monitored, controlled, pasteurized, homogenized, sanitized and commoditized. Go figure. This is the trend we’re all going through. Most of the governments now are monitoring communcations. Next step might be a monitoring of everything by now. Scary stuff right there. It’s practically, genetic manipulation taken too far.


Too cynical? It’s not going to be once this pattern becomes the norm. Take it as a warning, not as a threat.

Carefully twist your words.

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