People, Trust and Kindness

Those were his last words, but in his failing eyes there was still the firm, if no longer proud, conviction that he was continuing to fast.
“All right, tidy this up now,” said the supervisor. And they buried the hunger artist along with the straw.
–Franz Kafka, The Hunger Artist

The hunger artist, in indefinitely continuing his fast in a now-decrepit cage in a circus suprised the supervisor that he is still alive and fasting. Now with the cage being cleaned up, he picks up the artist and then…

Sometimes, lines like these make people look like they’re being treated like things. Once needed, used/abused and misued; thrown away. Cruel is life but humans are much more cruel.
Though on another topic, this kind of reminds me of the song “I Started a Joke”. They once cared then no more. Old and forgotten, useful no more. Also slightly related, it also pains me to throw out obsolete but vintage equipment, specially when it’s still working. There’s no clear use to it but it just really hurts to see perfectly working equipment being thrown away.
Could it be that the hunger artist represents something old?

Elisenda shouted that it was awful living in that hell full of angels
—-Gabriel Garcia Marquez, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

The “angel” has been sickly and roams around the house probably trying to look for an area to stay in. Even when being constantly shooed around, the inhabitants are perplexed and cross on how he manages to get around so fast.

But then, let’s look at it this way: there are fallen angels. Then it makes sense. Angels from hell. Surreal story, realistic behavior. It goes to show how people can again, be so cruel. We can’t blame them though, society today has caused a lot of mistrust. Almost anyone can now pull a very convincing PR stunt with just a camera and some McGyver-ing so it’s really hard to believe something so reality-bending like a fallen angel from god-knows-where. It’s hard to help now. You don’t know if it’s really helping or just being used and milked. Fuels part of the mistrust. Faith in humanity lost.


Carefully twist your words.

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