An open letter…

He wore his happiness like a mask and the girl had run off across the lawn with the mask and
there was no way of going to knock on her door and ask for it back.

And he never will be able to.

Part one.
Guy Montag just met Clarisse McClellan. The “antisocial” girl as defined by society. And with his time with her, Guy had seemed to be given a shot of reality with her innocent but seditious words.

Dear media, you win.
You win. I won’t fight any more. This monopoly has become too large to handle. Do keep the sheeple docile. Keep them shielded from the idiosyncrasies of life. Keep them safe from harm of external unregulated influences. Keep them shielded from the true meaning of life. Keep them isolated and willing, ignorant of the true pressing issues.
Please guide them and keep them happy, satisfy their innermost desires and its closest approximate thereof. I know nothing of your biases and atrocites but we are comfortable that there is no fear of any offence. Every one is the same.
Please continue to dictate the standards of proper decorum and etiquette so that we may use you as the definitive guide to follow.
I cannot deny your vast influence towards people and culture and that you have now held them captive, ready to respond to every whim. Please continue to do so, maintaining your steadfast effort.

What does this have to do with everything?
In a perfect world…
It’s a blank sheet of paper. Wait, that was an understatement. No such thing exists.
Either case, people are shielded from the truth. Unknowing to the true state of affairs outside. Then this girl comes in, like color in a black and white world, suddenly leaving a streaks of bright red on your wall, disappear without a trace and leaving you hanging but yearning for more.

Protect yourself. The degeneration of the human social interaction is coming.

Also, this short video might be of interest.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force : Standards and Practices

Carefully twist your words.

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