It’s not just the media.

“They didn’t show the man’s face in focus. Did you notice?
Even your best friends couldn’t tell if it was you. They scrambled it just enough to let the
imagination take over. ‘Hell’, he whispered. ‘Hell.'”

Part three.
Just as when Guy escapes into the river and out into the outskirts of the city, police lose track of him and in order to save face, they just took a scapegoat. It was super effective!

Add trial by publicity and you now have yourself a circus complete with all the coverage you want and could possibly get.

This is the problem of the media here. Personally, I find that they’re inflating things not worth inflating and actually downplaying things that are supposed to matter (biased me). And then there’s the other half of the equation. It actually sells to the people. Just a little more and they could make the news a sort of live reality tele-soap-opera-novela without actors at all! Kind of shows how much we are in deep shit. People actually buy into this crap. Sorry if this sounds so condescending specially with what I’m implying here and all but I just can’t take it any more, mind control and consumerism and all that.

Then there’s this other part: trial by publicity. We know the that media is a giant double-edged sword and another master in its own right wherein you have to (sometimes) sell your soul to get in.
An innocent person gets accused of sexual harassment; imagine the damages! Say goodbye to carrer, hope and any form and shape of any decent respect to you and the community. You are now forever branded a pervert and/or a rapist.

What do you mean with all this?

I’m just sick of television and its nonsense. It’s not called an “idiot box” for nothing.


Carefully twist your words.

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