“My ‘family’ is people…”

“Now,” said Mildred, “my ‘family’ is people. They tell me things; I laugh, they laugh! And the colours!”

Part two.
Guy gives Mildre(a)d a reality check. Does the ‘family’ truly love her? Do they feel for her? An ongoing argument of who is more valuable: these books, possibly one of the last of its kind or your wife, who tried to commit suicide and barely loves you wearing earphones, refusing to hear the world?
(hmm, earphones [seashells] and her apparent refusal to hear the world. that might be a nice thing to investigate about Mildred)

Mindless delusions, illusion of illusions. One day when TV will be beyond real. Reality blurred and well, people tend to forget and memories immediately replaced with just new and shiny things. Think Surrogates starring Bruce Willis. Never grow old, no broken bones, no risk at all. Except that the real you is just inside the house in a digital casket, controlling this mannequin of your likeness. People would certainly take it in. Imagine that. While we may never have the fountain of youth (or could we?), this is the closest analogue to what you can have and more, But then, let’s step back. To what value does this give us? You’re not interacting with other real people any more, you’re interacting with mannequins, puppets even, with a person hiding behind. It’s just not the same.
Let’s then go to present day. Right now, we have a continuous onslaught of trivial information. We now know what our friend here had for breakfast, where they went and did at the moment. Practically a stalker’s paradise. And then this is defined as social? I think we have to be realistic here. Social, where you’re ‘friends’ with someone whom you barely knew and don’t bother to talk with, even online?
Maybe we should at where we’re going right now.

This is no friendship. This is no family. This is nothing. This is meaningless.


Carefully twist your words.

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