PH Sun Cellular’s Name Your Number: 3G/Mobile Data Issues

Just a simple warning to people who plan to buy Sun Cellular’s Name Ur Number SIM, expect issues. I just got hit by one.

Mobile data and MMS do not work. Calling customer support (200) is pointless as I have been given the following replies:

  • “Your SIM does not have a profile in the system.”
  • “There are some issues with the system.”
  • and last but not the least,

  • “We will follow this up with the concerned department.”

Granted, these may be just scripts read by customer service agents, trying to wring more information from them is a dead end. Even a representative from a branch of Sun Cellular was annoyed when asking for more information.

The only time I received a decent answer was when I made a trip to a Sun Store and asked one of the customer service representatives. To my relief (and annoyance), there was a problem inherent with their system itself with this particular variant of SIM card and the only remedy was to get purchase another SIM card, which was outrageous. I bought a SIM card, expecting all functions associated with it to work and then this happens, and no warranty? What’s worse here is that the representative has admitted that it is a known issue ever since this variant came out.

As of now, I’m still waiting for this to be solved as I cannot be bothered to buy another SIM card and subsequently change my number again which in turn have to send this to my contacts again. My N900 and I are not happy. Sun Cellular, please get your act together and treat your prepaid clients well also.

In short: they have a problem, and “are still trying to resolve the issue”; stay away from the Name Your Number SIM variant from Sun Cellular.


5 thoughts on “PH Sun Cellular’s Name Your Number: 3G/Mobile Data Issues”

  1. fu(k!!! i just bought mine tonight before the mall closed! and i can’t get it to work! already chose my number and still hasn’t worked!!! sun sucks!!!

    1. hasn’t worked meaning the number isn’t registering or the number is registered but won’t work?
      for first case, try again. second case, try calling customer support from a landline.
      as much as i’d like to bash, have you tried calling customer support first (and please be calm) and explain your situation? if you haven’t, please do.

  2. On the contrary I was able to have mine activated through customer service. it is intermittent though.

  3. Wasted prepaid load which i converted to iload100 twice. I couldn’t connect using mobile data which was what I’ve been using for two years straight. A couple of months ago the signal got weak and unstable up until I just couldn’t surf anymore. So i switched prepaid sims. But feel bad for wasting 200 pesos and i couldn’t even speak to a CSR because they removed the option in the menu for the 200 hotline. I feel so taken advantage of.

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