PH Sun Cellular’s Name Your Number: 3G/Mobile Data Issues, an update

Looks like patience and persistence is really key to solving the issue. After several calls to the Customer Service Hotline (200) while enduring the unusually long hold times, and three trips to a Sun Shop, all is well so far. I would also like to say thank you to the customer service representative who clarified, escalated, and actively assisted me with the issue. It goes to show that if you’re patient, kind and persistent, you will get something favorable your way. Of course, there will be times where agression will be necessary but we might as well try to keep it to a minimum. Remember, there will be times when customer service representatives are powerless to help even when they are very willing.

In short, I made one final trip to the Sun Shop and one more call to the Customer Service Hotline, my mobile internet service is now working. Big thanks to the people who helped and put up with me.


2 thoughts on “PH Sun Cellular’s Name Your Number: 3G/Mobile Data Issues, an update”

  1. Hi. I just got my name your number sim last week, and to my disappointment, the mobile data doesn’t work. i’ve called cust service 4 times now, tho they were really willing to help, but nothing gets solved. However, how did they solve your internet problems specifically? Maybe I can do it myself without having to wait 10-20 mins on qeue for a rep.

    1. nothing in particular. unfortunately, you really have to be persistent.
      several calls to the hotline and visits to the sun store for follow-ups
      were really necessary for me. it took around two weeks or so, if i’m not
      just keep following-up, really. in-store if possible.
      it was a huge waste of time.
      tip: be nice to the CSR even if you’re getting pissed. it helps a lot.

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