It’s Past 4 In the Morning and in a Resort. Why Are You Not Sleeping Yet?

Breakfast at 0730, should I sleep? You are with thirty people. You are in this seminar, organized by your fellow co-workers, with a goal of guiding you around the processes of getting things done in and around school.

You are here, writing this piece on paper right now with several questions in mind. Am I the odd one out? They do exert efforts to be as all-inclusive, but stereotypes remain. I could see why.
My first contact with them was during new member application interviews. They knew full well what their goals were (or so I think, in hindsight) and have demonstrated to me how they would achieve their goals first-hand. Certain details I mentioned to them did not bother; some were even delighted with such facts I have mentioned about myself. That was the first.
Fast-forward to today: after a few talks, I reviewed the wording used. Is the possible cause of the problem that has been plaguing the organization for some time be self-inflicted? Is it possible to resolve this without radically changing structure? Unfortunately, I am unable to give an answer due to its volatile nature.

Note to reader:
I am trying to keep details as vague as possible while keeping content relevant. I am not ready to share these to the group as me as I am unable to articulate the exact context of this message.

Carefully twist your words.

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