Sunrise of Tea?


Can somebody please explain to me how did “Chatime” mean “Sunrise of Tea” in Chinese?


This is one of Chatime’s logos. It says 日出茶太 (rìchū chátài)。日出 means “roasted” and 茶太 (I think it is, can’t read 草书 at all) is probably a transliteration of “Chatime” in Mandarin because a) I couldn’t find it with the dictionaries I have, b) it just doesn’t make sense (closest I can think of is “too much tea”), and c) it sounds like Chatime. Either that, or I totally missed the point and this is a play on words with 日出 not being together as one word. With 日 (rì) and 出 (chū) as 日 meaning day or sun, and 出 meaning “to go out”, read separately and literally, it would probably say “sun going out [up]”. If true, “Sunrise of Tea” could then make sense.

Underestimated this one. Having this play on words, transliteration, and definition is brilliant. They serve great tea too.

Carefully twist your words.

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