Dead Kit Lens

It’s annoying, really. My kit 18-55mm lens just broke, in the middle of an event I was covering. Autofocus isn’t autofocusing anymore, and I missed a number of good shots because of that (mix manual focus with astigmatism, it’s fun). I know I call AF an idiot sometimes, but it’s valuable, specially when timing is important. A  skilled photographer can probably manually pull focus relatively quickly, but not the case for someone with poor eyesight. Skill becomes irrelevant in this situation.

A bit of searching around reveals that it is a common issue with Canon EF-S 18-55mm kit lenses, often referring to broken or snapped flex cables within the assembly. Repairs might be impractical due to cost, and I could use an upgrade from a kit. The nice thing about being with “limited” equipment is that it forces someone to be creative in a way, but gets disappointing when excellent shots are ruined by bad image quality. I’ve had one too many of those.

Off to look for a nice(r) lens with similar range, on a budget (there goes my money again).

Any suggestions?


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