Setting Android’s Language Halfway to Chinese

After a bit of experimenting with my phone, I finally figured out how to make Android display certain locale specific strings into Chinese.

Note: this was done on a nightly CyanogenMod 10.2 (Android 4.3.1) build, your mileage may vary wildly.

You’ll need MoreLocale2 and adb and/or root, if you’re on Jelly Bean (4.1++) and newer.

Install MoreLocale2 and set language to zh, and set country to something other than China (CN) or Taiwan (TW). For mine, it was set to zh_PH. Close the app and wait for everything to reload, and see the results.


And you’ll get something like this.


A view of the calendar app.


While still keeping most of the UI in English.


I say most because well…as you can see, it took along certain parts of the UI with it. Depending on the country you pick, you will also get varying amounts of Chinese in the UI. Sometimes it will change into traditional script, then go back to simplified script, or be a mix of both. Another side effect is that some apps will then turn completely into Chinese, like Skype for Android, or ES File Explorer.

Not that I’m complaining, but it’s a pain but at least it’s also forcing me to read and learn.


Carefully twist your words.

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