Food & Sex: Chinese Double Meanings

And to think I usually have fried rice for breakfast…

Language Boat

Yesterday I wrote about Spanish food words that are used in Mexico to convey a sexualized double meaning. Today, I’m serving up the double meaning for the Chinese word, 炒飯 Chǎofàn (fried rice.)

炒飯 can be used as a both a verb (to fry rice) or a noun (fried rice.) It is used in China and Taiwan to mean sex or have sex. 

The ways you can use this with a smirk and a wink are limitless and hilariously fun. If you don’t speak Chinese, try using the English words fried rice for a fun twist. As in, “I’ve got a craving for fried rice!” Or, “Hey baby, how about some fried rice tonight?” Or, “That was the best fried rice I’ve had in a long time!”

Above is a short video on how to make vegetarian fried rice from a cooking show I sometimes watch for Chinese language learning

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Carefully twist your words.

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