“Silence” in the Workplace

Sadder still is that this behavior is stuck in a feedback loop, specially in the relationship of mass media and the general public. As stated in the article, we have grown accustomed to private issues made public, that oftentimes, we cannot tell what the true point of the discussion is–much less if the topic is even worth discussing.

“When feedback is expressed, employees usually talk about it among themselves – over and over again until the criticism transforms into a theme of hate towards a manager.”

I guess that this is a latent dysfunction of Filipino behavior being non-confrontational to the point of being deconstructive.


I found this interesting read from the Harvard Business Review discussing the reasons behind employees being silent in the workplace – their silence meaning, they keep their suggestions to themselves. In summary, the article identifies the following factors:

(1) The narrative of the heroes and the villains: Media and the public sphere have portrayed “whistle-blowers” as villains. They are scrutinized and challenged, sometimes even to a point of retraction. (This case is even more relevant to the Philippines, wherein those who speak up are usually measured based on their ‘personality’ rather than the issue being surfaced. For instance, if you bring up something controversial, chances are the public will dig up any form of “baho” in your past which can discredit you as a speaker, and often miss the point of the issue.)

(2) Feedback is often regarded as trivial – a sour-griping of the lower employees.

What is interesting…

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