Globe Telecom MMS Settings

Because I had a difficult time searching for MMS settings for Android that work properly on Globe Telecom (PH), I had to test several configurations that would work. The harder part still is that not even Globe’s own site had proper MMS settings posted and their instructions on obtaining them is outdated when I last tried searching (about two months ago).

These were the settings that proved to work after sending a few MMS and being verified recieved by people whom I sent it to. I’d like to list sources but I lost them somehow. This was an amalgamation from several after testing several combinations. It took a few minutes for them to recieve the MMS notification though.

MMS Proxy
MMS Port
Authentication type
APN type
APN Protocol

Values that were not listed should be left alone. Tested on SE Xperia Pro, CM10.2/Android 4.3.1


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