Tthe belief system of Chinese are relatively well-known. Famous stereotypical depictions seen involve incense sticks and images of Buddha.

In terms of superstitions, it seems to me that some superstitions involve words with a similar sound.


For example: 168. For a long time this has bugged me on what it meant, until 老师 explained it to us.

168 stood for 一路發 (yīlùfā), or “fortune street”, more or less a way for fortune. This is because 168 when pronounced is 一六八 (yīliùbā), literally one-six-eight.

We see this in one form or another, such as pictured above, or named after a business establishment such as the 168 Mall located in Divisoria, Manila. I have also seen this phrase in its original form as a windshield sticker on cars (picture coming soon).


Carefully twist your words.

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