Globe Telecom’s Old Logo


I don’t really follow trends but this might be relevant.


What we have here is a cell repeater(?) unit of Globe Telecom located in SM Megamall’s basement, interestingly, using the old Globe logo. Just by looking at this, we can have a reasonable guessing range on how old this unit is, coupling the time when the mall was built and when cellular services, specially SMS, popularized in the Philippines. I don’t know if this is an antenna or just a marker, but most likely its internal components have been upgraded since there is an HSPA service available. This also sort of illustrates how slow these enterprise-grade systems in production use are being upgraded.

There is this well-known saying of “if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it”. This is true, but for enterprise settings, “if it works, don’t tinker any more” is what seems to be more used. Either is appropriate, as downtime costs money. But I’ll go for “tweak until it breaks, then fix it, then tweak some more”, it’s much more entertaining that way.


Carefully twist your words.

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