Cold Brew

This has got to be one of my more expensive experiments: cold brew coffee.
Can’t wait for this to be ready. It smells so sweet and fragrant. Hopefully it isn’t bitter. It is kind of bitter, but not as bitter as hot coffee.


It tastes a lot milder than coffee brewed with hot water and not as aromatic when compared to a freshly brewed pot. It also doesn’t have the same kind of kick as hot brewed coffee. However, it is really tasty. I can taste mild undertones of the beans (is that a hint of cherry?). I admit, I’ve been buying Starbucks roast coffee, it’s the only one I could find for now. Caffé Verona might actually work well.

Still haven’t figured out what proportions of coffee and water to use for taste but it’s pretty good for a first try. Only problem now is sourcing good coffee that won’t break the bank here. PhP375.00 per 250g bag is a pricey for an ordinary college student in the Philippines. Currently checking if reusing grounds for a second batch would yield positive results.
2014-04-28 Edit: nope, tasted like crap. First time to spit out coffee (was fun).

General guide: use double the amount of coffee grounds for the same amount of water. Dilute 1:1 either with water or milk, add condensed milk as sweetener. Be careful with ice cubes if dilution is a problem. Steep for ~12h or more (sources around the internet don’t go more than 24h lest it becomes sour). French Press can be used for filtering.

I wonder how strong is this coffee…



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