Nuke and Pave (or Where’s Your Backup?)

A few days ago I was asked to do a straight reinstall of Windows on someone’s laptop, no backup needed, as I was told. Easy enough. Right now, it’s still 15% on Configuring Windows features, installing SP1 and a ton of updates for more than an hour now oh wow it just turned off after ?? hours fsck IT’S BACK AHAHAHAHA STARTUP YOU FSCKING BITCH. I can’t say that it’s frozen because the hard drive seems to be thrashing hard the whole time. That’s probably what you get with just 2GB of RAM plus a gimped Celeron processor on it.

Browsing its contents while installing updates, it came as a surprise that there were shortcuts littered in this secondary partition. It looked as if the owner’s idea of a backup would be to copy shortcuts to the backup destination. Someone better have unencrypted copies of their files.

All together now:

I hold no one responsible for data loss that had just occured.

Nuking the whole thing and installing Linux on it looks to be a very attractive option right now.


Carefully twist your words.

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