Failure in Logic (or Arguments Networkers Give That Make Your Head Asplode)

Read its caption (translation in some other time).


I hear illogical arguments every now and then. I admit I’ve thrown some myself. But if there’s one argument that gets on my nerves, it’s those going along the lines of “I’ve spent X years in school but I didn’t get rich”.

First, going to school in itself really won’t make you rich. Second, going to school with a mindset of plainly making money won’t get you anywhere.
Schools are institutions where people enrol and are taught a specific specialization. People are taught how to think, ideally. It is a labor of intellect. What will determine your outcome is what you choose to do during your stay in school. Yes, there are miracle stories of people dropping out of school and becoming a success by starting someting, but those are exceptions. As numerous those stories are, remember, there are several billion people in this world, making for a very large sample size.

In the case of everyone being the boss, that is impossible. Someone has to be at the lower ranks to support the system. This is where specialization comes into play. As a result of society’s development from communes to capitalist systems, there developed a niche for each, allowing one to specialize in a trade or skill, increasing efficiency of their work. Of course, at the expense of other skills, which would then be covered by someone else.

This is how the world works. A degree is needed to get somewhere, and to specialize in something is optimal.

Some personal jabs

  • That guy wearing orange and black stripes honestly looks like a douche and looks like the type that thinks of nothing but money. “Dolla dolla bill y’all” comes into mind.
  • What the hell is up with that hand gesture? Are you trying to imitate Captain Spock or something?
    For the record, you fail at it.
  • First guy on the right. Is that a duckface? Or trying to duckface? I can’t tell. /s
  • Longrich? What the hell is that name. Honestly, I’ve seen better names.
  • “Pogzkii”? No thanks.
  • Quit selling herbs. As if those work*.
    No approved theraputic claims.
    And most of all
  • Selfies suck. Get out of Facebook and other social media networks.

Carefully twist your words.

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