A moment of reflection

“It is a problem for the social scientist. You have better than average understanding of how society works. It is your field, your specialization. Because of that you know how terrible the world is and can be. You know one way how society exploits people, why people commit suicide, how certain trends define a generation. You know intentions are never selfless, including charity work. You are never alone, and power is a complex network. The problem comes in when you can’t handle knowing these inner workings of society and culture. All the problems and intricacies, these models and theories, unraveled here, right where you live.”

I was warned how the field of Sociology and Anthropology can be like to certain people. I’m afraid that I am one of them. Now I understand how and why certain geniuses and intelligent people kill themselves: it’s just too much to handle.

The question stands: is this really what I want to be?


Carefully twist your words.

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