While discussing with a professor about the Panopticon by Focault, he told me this:

“Deviance is pointless because when you deviate from the norm, it means you are recognizing the legitimacy of the norm and are actively acting against it.”

I am speechless *cue jaw drop*. That shook me really hard.


5 thoughts on “Deviance”

      1. I would argue that recognition of the power of the norm is important, at least one is conscious (I sound like such a Marxist) of it, allowing a decision for one’s actions, instead of just “following the norm.”

        Sociology is an amazing subject. I started out about a year ago. It’s fascinating. Though it gets a little depressing sometimes, it’s wonderful to be able to see the world from a whole new different perspective.

      2. Interesting point. It gets confusing for me from there since it would become circular?

        So true, sociology is beautiful and yes, it does get depressing (I was warned). What more fun is there when you know how society and the world interacts. Breaching experiments are interesting, you get to see how people react to really random things.

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