Death, and all its baggage

This week’s theme is Descent.

A perspective looking down, from the top of a beautiful circular staircase.
The basement in your grandmother’s house that frightened you as a child — and even now, as an adult.
A shot of an unforgiving sky and heavy clouds, ready to unleash a storm.
A historic lighthouse at the bottom of three-hundred steps, perched over a rough sea at the windiest, foggiest spot on North America’s Pacific Coast.
This week, show us your interpretation of descent — experiment with your point of view and angle, or go even deeper with the theme.

Since today is All Saints’ Day and tomorrow is All Souls’ Day, I thought could do something that has a little something to do with both the theme and occasion.


A cemetery, the last place of settlement in our earthly existence. Only visited once or twice a year by friends, family, and enemies, it does get lonesome for restless spirits.


One thought on “Death, and all its baggage”

Carefully twist your words.

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