Tech support

Lots of respect for those working in tech support, specially the frontliners. I can’t even imagine myself in a call center talking someone through a problem on their {computer,phone,device,thing} without being all sarcastic. This specially when a user starts talking stupid*.

I’ll admit, a large part of it is my attitude, with a Curse of Knowledge adding to the frustration. Despite sounding like some medieval curse, it’s a modern term, causing the afflicted a lack of empathy to lesser-experienced peers with regards to their field of expertise. Symptoms for the affected would be an inability to visualise a seemingly trivial problem relative to a novice, with a sarcastic and/or exasperated response by the expert in return.

It’s not fun to have this kind of problem. Some people don’t want to learn things at all and just throw money until the problem goes away. So yes, this issue has come from somewhere.

* I’m not defining that one, it’s too broad. Inability to read and comprehend is an example.


Carefully twist your words.

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