Money and domestic politics

I’m really just disappointed. I asked for some money to buy spare parts for replacing in the car and I’m told that there’s no money for it.

A neighbor comes along asking for money. Neighbor is given money.

I don’t understand. There’s one thing with budgeting but doing this for smooth interpersonal relations and building rapport with the local community is something I disagree on. I know you’re building your fanbase, but please, I’m (or we’re) starting to worry about our finances in the future.

This may sound selfish to you, but I’m willing to forgo those intangibles of being remembered well by people, and being greeted warmly upon, and those related things you’re after when we start bleeding. Truth is, it’s because we have money and they think we’re rich. I’ve seen that thinking one too many times. Absurd as it may sound but’s a lot more frequent that you think. Even I was surprised about its prevalence.

If and/or when we go down, it’ll be a spectacle. Those people who greet you every morning, save for a select few, will be gone. This isn’t Don Corleone being able to call people when favors need to be returned, this is The Philippines where people get stabbed front and back every single day and put up with that crap lacking better alternatives.

Am I implying that I don’t trust our neighbors?

To an extent, yes.
But that’s me. Trust issues, what can ya do.

Dear readers, sorry if this is vague but it had to be done out of necessity. I just want to let this out but can’t let details about me or them leaking out, even if no one in the mentioned circles of people even know of this blog.


Carefully twist your words.

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