Loss of words

How do you tell your family that you want to still want to get rid of yourself because waking up feeling like shit every day is tiring, the world is a hopeless place, and World Peace is a joke?

Last time you tried, you couldn’t even bring the needle close to jab an artery with air.

How do you tell them, without violent reactions, you don’t feel accepted in the family and the primary reason you stay in campus until evening is because you don’t want to go home.

Home is a stressful, suffocating place.

How do you say you’ve lost motivation in studying because. Because.
You don’t know. Period. “Fuck it, I’m out”, you say.

Deep inside you question your motives and ask if this is The Right Thing.

Driving is an endless decision making process on when and where to accelerate, turn, pass, and follow rules. Also includes you asking “do I end it here and now, and how?”

Nine hundred ninety-nine times out of one thousand end answering with “no”. Last remaining one was an accident.

How do you say risk-taking behavior is a way for you to compensate not being able to generally feel, and you’re trying to look for something that tries to fill a hole? Sometimes, it’s not enough.

That’s funny, going 100km/h on some roads still scare you.

“Talking with yourself again?”


Carefully twist your words.

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