Conversations with humans

“My groupmate is giving me a hard time in the Operations Management homework.”

“What do you mean?

“She was bashing my data and said that it was all wrong.”

“Did you ask her to elaborate?”

“Yeah. I asked her how was it wrong.”

“What did she reply?”

“She asked why are ten people necessary to do the job when nine can cover it.”

“What was the homework anyway?

“We were given a scenario and some parameters in the activity. Our goal was to minimize cost and maximize profits.”

“Okay. What did you tell her?”

“Well I told her that if we had nine people then that would increase costs since we’d have to increase wages. If we did ten then we can just give them all minimum wa–”

“Listen to yourself.”


“Listen to what you’re saying. You’re comfortable giving a hypothetical someone minimum wage, all for maximizing profit? How does that sound?”


“Yeah, I know the goal was to maximize profit. But someone’s gotta live too. You know that.”


Carefully twist your words.

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