Any time

Three in the morning, I get out of my room and go to the car to fetch the camera (late, I know). An old woman caught me walking back inside. She approached and asked for my father, she apparently needed some help with her kid and the cops. Of course I had to turn her down. It’s three in the morning.

But she was persistent.

There was a short exchange, some begging, a few tears, and the whole gameplay. I can’t just shut the door on her either, what will the neighbors think?1 Rumors and gossip spread quickly in a small neighborhood.2

Finally, she left after telling her for the nth time: I can’t help (specially at this hour).

Two lessons learned:

  • When you say “if you need help, contact me anytime”, I learned there are people who will take “anytime” literally.
    That wasn’t my fault, I didn’t say that to her. I don’t even know if anyone even told her that.
  • Either I really do have a heart because I had a feeling of care, or I just cared more about taking care of the family reputation.

Can’t trust people, you know.

If I came across as heartless, I won’t blame you. I want out of this reputation game anyway.

  1. Fuck it. 
  2. Fuck them. 

Carefully twist your words.

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