Contributing factors

So we have all this hooplah on premature campaigning. Whoops looks like it got scrapped by the Supreme Court. I’ll have to go on another angle instead.

On hypocrisy

Yes, hypocrisy. Not on politicians, we’ve had enough of that. I’m training my sights on media outlets.
Disclaimer: I’m sick of all of it and the whole industry you are promoting.

You media outlets run campaigns against corruption, organize watchdog groups, use your audience as a way to forward your agenda, yet at the same time run advertisements with obvious political undertones, no matter how nuanced or in-your-face it is. Now, isn’t that a conflict of interest? Your agenda of a watchdog group tries to promote good governance and nation building but you, outlets, you yourselves do not contribute. Please do not tell me it is not political at all, we’re not that dumb.

Yes, you are a private for-profit entity. Yes, these advertisements generate income. Those are valid arguments. But again, you are a private for-profit entity who holds a huge influence on the masses. Please use your position as an example. You are a private entity, subject to your own internal regulations and by-laws. You have the power to turn down these offers on the grounds of dubious objectives, for example. You can even turn it down for any arbitrary reason (not that I’d promote something like that).

Point being is, be an example. If your news segments run campaigns aginast kupal politicians, be consistent. Decline their advertisements also. You know full well what their intentions are. And please, for the love of $diety, do not run showbiz and showbiz-esque news segments right after national issues. These matters do not deserve national attention. If your reason is “because that’s what the people want and that’s what makes money”, well then, fuck you. You have no ethics and sense of responsibility to this country whatsoever.


Carefully twist your words.

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