Two nights ago, I seriously considered taking my seatbelt off.
Today, I still don’t know.

Considering the age gap between my siblings and my birth month, I may have been an accident, conceieved most likely during new year’s eve. I’ve given nothing but headache to people around.

Why am I still staying around?
Because I’m on the fence.


3 thoughts on “”

  1. Besides, what would an accident matter if your parents were more well-off when they had you than when they had the others? I was like that too. Some parents like to see children as surprises, not planning them outright. And usually older siblings have lesser age gap among each other because younger couples do it more.

  2. Not to mention that having two kids meant a strain on their financial resources at the time so they may have deliberately planned to delay the next one, who may equally as well not be an accident.

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