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After spending an hour playing around with ChromiumOS (open source basis of Google’s ChromeOS) running off a live image, I can say is that it’s slick. The OS performs well from what I can see and the appeal is definitely there.

A friend said:

it’s best on a ssd, with a fast internet connection it feels like it’s an OS from the future

I agree. Fast and simple to use.

As for me, I’m not their market. My use case would call it great for a guest computer or kiosk PC, there is good potential. For casual users and those who do most of their work on the web, ChromiumOS is an excellent option.

Had our Bay Trail based laptop didn’t need some Windows-only programs, I would have loaded a Linux distro or ChromiumOS on that thing and saved myself from a lot of headache.

Some caveats:

  • ChromiumOS does not come with proprietary plugins like mp3 support and Flash. the Chromium project is not licensed to do so but workarounds by the community to enable these restricted plugins are available, and at your own risk, as usual.
  • As ChromiumOS is aimed at developers, don’t expect everything to work at first. I had issues with wireless and had to resort to tethering my Android phone for an internet connection. A retail Chromebook or Chromebox would be strongly recommended for the mass market.
  • An internet connection is required to use Chrom(e|ium)OS. No way around it. (For an OS designed for the web, it wouldn’t make sense not to require connectivity.)

Carefully twist your words.

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