Study habits

I started out college without any study habits at all. I’m on my final year and still haven’t figured it out. Now, I’m paying a heavy price for it: suffering grades. I don’t know why I’ve been able to pass from my previous years but this time, whatever I was doing isn’t working now.

Good news is amidst all this stress and having a crash course in studying, I think I’ve found my rhythm. Bad news is the conditions needed to get me to study well is completely incompatible with society. Studying at night in a 24 hour coffee shop is great but I have a few issues:

  • You will easily spend more than Php300 a night just for coffee and pastries
  • Parents are worried (and they find your study habits completely bizarre)
  • School is in the morning

So unless there’s a way to balance studying late at night and day school, I’m losing out on one or the other.

Such is life for a night owl.


Carefully twist your words.

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