Parental advice

Some unsolicited advice for parents-to-be and siblings:
Please don’t simply dismiss your child’s interests, specially when they show the faintest signs.
Please don’t call their ideas stupid or useless. It makes them afraid to explore. It makes them afraid to make mistakes. It pushes them to close away their feelings from you.
Please recognize their passion. Passion is already hard to come by in this world.

I know what you mean about being practical and money and all about that and you don’t feel the same way about I do on certain things and aspirations but can’t you at least be a little less disparaging? I asked a question answerable with a few lines for curiosity’s sake, not asking for a sermon as if I’m going to do it.

Please don’t ask why I don’t share experiences and tell stories to you. Don’t ask what I plan to do after college: I don’t know what the hell I’m looking at and even if I do, I wouldn’t want to tell you.
It feels terrible.

I know first hand.

Carefully twist your words.

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