After several months of poking around, it is now possible to remove PLDTHOMEFIBR prefix from the PLDT provided FiberHome ONU. Credits to the enterprising users at TipidPC for figuring out how to access the WebUI after PLDT locked everyone out, leading me to telnet access.

Devices affected

  • FiberHome AN5506-04


  • Telnet client
    • PuTTY for Windows users
    • Linux, OS X/macOS, *nix come with one included
  • 10 minutes
  • Patience

Short instructions

  1. Turn off modem
  2. Disconnect fiber cable
  3. Turn on modem
  4. Connect to modem over telnet
  5. Log in with a blank username and password adu#
  6. enable, password adu# or GEPON
  7. cd wlan
  8. set wifi ssid 1 name YourNewSSID # 1-4, depending on which mBSSID interface, 1 is primary, see usage notes
  9. (Optional) set wifi ssid 1 pskkey YourNewPassword # See usage notes
  10. (If WiFi was previously disabled) set wifi ssid 1 enable
  11. exit
  12. exit # Yes, twice, just to make sure
  13. Turn off modem
  14. Reconnect fiber cable
  15. Enjoy new SSID

Settings will persist across reboots.

Detailed instructions

  1. Turn off modem
  2. Disconnect fiber cable; the plug is unlocked by pulling on the part near the unit where a sliding lock is in place
  3. Turn on modem
  4. Connect to modem
  5. Windows

    • open PuTTY
    • host:
    • connection type: Telnet
    • port: 23

    Linux/OS X/macOS/*nix

    • open a shell/terminal
    • telnet
  6. Log in with
    • username: (blank)
    • password: adu#
  7. Type enable with the password adu# or GEPON when prompted
  8. cd wlan
  9. set wifi ssid 1 name YourNewSSID
  10. If you want to set a new password, set wifi ssid 1 pskkey YourNewPassword
  11. If WiFi was previously disabled, do set wifi ssid 1 enable
  12. Exit by typing exit twice
  13. Power off modem
  14. Reconnect fiber cable
  15. Enjoy new SSID

Usage notes

set wifi ssid 1 name YourNewSSID

  • Firmware SSID length limit unknown but the spec calls for a maximum of 32 characters, emoji not tested1
  • Spaces are not accepted even with escapes and single and double quotes

set wifi ssid 1 pskkey YourNewPassword

  • Firmware limit unknown but WPA2 requires at least 8 characters
  • Special characters not tested
  • Spaces not tested, possibly may not be accepted

Other findings

From the telnet shell, it seems we are able to enable other options that are not provided in the WebUI such as RADIUS server settings for WPA(2)-Enterprise. Unfortunately, other options may not be as useful until the unit has been provisioned by the headend, but telnet and WebUI access is killed once that happens. I am still searching for a datasheet or field manual and a config dump is still not possible as of now.

It is tempting to poke around its settings, I would not advise to do so until we obtain proper documentation and find a way to perform a configuration backup, and/or know what you’re doing. While I disagree with how PLDT is handling settings for WiFi SSIDs, there is a very good reason why telnet access is disabled.

That said, do this at your own risk. I will not and cannot be responsible for any consequences that may arise from these experiments.


19 thoughts on “Remove PLDTHOMEFIBR SSID prefix”

  1. Hi, Merry Christmas! This guide worked for me. Could I request a step-by-step guide on making a static IP to host my own website using duckdns and PLDT Home Fibr ONU. Thanks in advance!

    1. If you’re going to host a website from your connection, you’re going to need a server. Since PLDT locked us out from its web interface, it would be much better if the updater runs on the server itself.

      I wouldn’t advise on using the ONU for anything beyond providing an internet connection because it is currently very difficult to change its settings.

      1. Hi, I plan on using my PC as server. I’ve already got wamp installed with apache as server. I’m just having a hard time portforwarding the server on the ONU and duckdns with its cname as 1and1 domain name. Protected by cloudflare. Then installing Prestashop 1.7. Its just a mess. Hehe XD

      2. WAMP? You’re on Windows? Using your computer as a server for an ecommerce site?

        Windows is fine, but if you’re going to use your Prestashop instance with things other than development, you’re going to have bad time. Hosting a site like that off a residential line isn’t advisable. You’re better off putting it on a webhoster or off a VPS.

        That said, the ONU becomes inaccessible once it connects to the network. I’d strongly advise setting it to bridge mode instead and putting a proper router/gateway in front of it. You have better control that way. Forward tcp/80 and tcp/443 to your computer.

        The rest of the work would be installing a daemon that updates your IP address to the domain. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about these things when it comes to Windows, I’m more familiar with Linux in these cases.

  2. Hi, I’ve finally set-up a Ubuntu Server, can you make a tutorial for bridging the ONU modem? I’ve also installed Duckdns to update the dynamic address to web address for Ubuntu.

    1. Unfortunately, you’ll have to call PLDT to have your particular model be set in bridge mode. Something to do with having something to change on their side. Didn’t have to deal with that since I asked the installers (engineers?) to do that on install day itself.

      1. May I ask what router you used (that was bridged)? The PC shop I frequent recommended Linksys AC1200 or up, but it’s as expensive as my PC.

    1. As of now I have a hand-me-down Linksys WRT300N flashed with Tomato but it’s not performing gateway duties, I have a separate server for that. If you don’t expect much traffic, most off the shelf consumer units will do. Does wifi matter for your case? Will There be other devices connecting to it?

      If it doesn’t matter, I’m leaning towards Asus RT-ACxx series. Even entry-level models will do.

  3. Hi, this doesn’t work anymore. Can’t access telnet over lan or wifi even when fiber cable is disconnected.

      1. Hi, no I’m almost a year old subscriber. Before it works, but after a hard reset of the ONU router it wouldn’t work anymore. Yes, unplugged the yellow fiber optic.

  4. Here is a part of config file of:
    Hardware version : WKE2.134.321F1G
    Software version : RP2624
    Minor version : 00.00
    Basic part version : BP2624

    Maybe someone will understand the password format. It looks like hex.. but i think is a hash or something.

    !system config file—————————————-
    !usermanage config———————————————
    user add rdsadmin login-password e9c316acd1cf8382adb56b4b491f8754
    user role rdsadmin ADMIN enable-password e9c316acd1cf8382adb56b4b491f8754

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