A college student’s blog of things probably mundane and (extra)ordinary. Experiences locally sourced from the internet or remotely sourced from real life may or may not be shared. Class notes and insights will be shared, however. Also, 我不会说汉语 (or do I?)。 我在学习汉语。

What started out as a requirement for literature class, this blog has now become a personal blog where thoughts are spilled and write-ups marked up in plain text. Sleep is at a premium with sane thoughts sporiadic.

Works filed in category Photography are original and licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution, unless otherwise noted. I would highly appreciate a link back to where the works are used.

Creative Commons License

Sapphire Lin
Written with an interest.


6 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thank you for the invitation, and I’m really flattered. I’ll send one in soon once I have decent answers :)

      P.S. hmm that’s strange, comments aren’t supposed to be moderated on my end.

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