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Tell me, what does Christmas feel like?

Everyone seems so enamoured with this “Christmas Spirit”. I know about Christmas and all, living in a country with the most Catholics in Asia, but I have no idea what they’re talking about.


On taking pictures

(Hi it’s been some time since last post, finals week and weeks leading up to finals week is hell and I’m still not done! Hooray!)

Knowing how to take good pictures is an excellent skill to have around. A drawback for some is that in all of their pictures, none have the photographer in frame for clear reasons. Hence, you ask someone to take a picture for you.

Problem: unless that person is a fellow photographer or at least someone who knows how to take a decent picture or someone who knows how to properly take a picture with a camera in manual mode, you’ll end up with a picture with

  1. your feet showing with heads slightly outside the frame
  2. blurry pictures because of broken autofocus and person with whom I have asked to take a picture has no idea what the hell a focus ring is (in my case)
  3. unsteady hands and does not know what camera shake is.

In any of these cases, extreme dissastisfaction that cannot be outwardly expressed because of politeness and all will be felt. I’m not being an ingrate here, some picture is better than no picture* but it’s just sad.

Does it sound like I’m holding people up to some form of standard in taking pictures? Yeah, I’m not denying that, maybe. But you know, it’s hard to find someone around where we are who can take decent pictures of you, dear photographer.

* but in some cases that picture you have is so terribly blurry, it’s as good as nothing at all.