Old spam script is old


I know spam tries to be smart in trying to evade filters and all, but really? AOL? Are you even trying? Go contact your spamlord and tell them the spambot or script they sold you is two decades behind.


Number porting in The Philippines (or lack thereof)

For those who aren’t familiar with number porting, it is a process where if a person has a telephone number, that telephone number will not change even if that person changes carriers throughout its lifetime. The telephone number follows the person, to put it in another way. Telcos in the Philippines, unfortunately, do not offer such a service. It is a generally accepted social fact that telephone numbers (cell numbers, to be specific), are transient. One person may change numbers anytime during their lifetime and the work with re-establishing a telephone number-to-person association is accepted as a natural part of the process.

While we are not offered such a provision, it is possible to emulate this behavior with a few tools:

  1. Call divert/forwarding
  2. A dual-SIM phone

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Things I do

I’ve probably said it before, and all, but some of the things I do in this world is going to get me killed one way or another. I might probably have a higher than average chance of being shot, but I assess the risk to be acceptable for my taste.

I don’t want to live my life afraid whatever dangers are there in the open.
Can’t say the same for my future.

I could start today.

Leave the thoughts to the mind