Week 1 of four years. Hooray. /sarcasm

Reading could be that occasional escape from reality. A prod by curiosity; enticing you for that one more page before leaving for slumberland. It is a way of life, living and survival. A means of knowledge and entertainment enabling access to larger-than-life scenarios and events. A glimpse of the possible future or a window to the past, possibly even catapulting you into eternal life as a memory forever impressed on a person influenced by these works of art and intergrated into culture and society.

As my mother have always said, “if you hate someone and would like to ruin that someone’s life, teach that person how to gamble.” Would the inverse be true? Where if you want to better someone’s life, give that person a good book? Quite possibly. Inspiration may come from within but sometimes there’s that boost needed from something else. That, for me, would be either “Nineteen Eighty-four” by George Orwell or Amy Chua’s “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” (still reading, might have to reread, lost my position in the book). As for books that I don’t like, so far none. Yet. Things may change with time and probably there might be that certain title in the list (no, not Twilight, haven’t read it and don’t plan on reading it so no comment).

How old am I? Let’s just say old enough to drive but too young to have a proper family yet. That might give you a pretty good guessing range. Now, given the scenario that I have a kid, what books would I give to them? Well, there would be your traditional textbooks (if it would still be there, heard that some schools are switching to tablets; still doesn’t beat a physical copy at home) and maybe some novels. “Hope for the Flowers” would be a good start. Probably some by Roald Dahl too. Great author. Loved “Matilda”. It’s that sort of fairytale rooted within reality. Winnie the Pooh also! Never forget Winnie the Pooh. Maybe some Bob Ong when the kid’s old enough. Bob Ong hits that spot between comedy and criticism (ABNKKBSNPLAko!)

So that concludes this week’s post. Yes, it’s incoherent beyond reason. Yes, it sounds forced. Yes, it sounds like a retarded monologue. Sorry about that, I’m not myself today, just like any other day. Or maybe writing’s not really up to scruff lately. Refresh the front page again next week for a new post. Honestly though, I’m more comfortable with Drupal. A mirror of this blog set up under Drupal will be up soon. Just need to config the server right.

Did I let you down? Flame me with your comments below! All insults go to /dev/null or /dev/zero though sometimes it might be routed to /dev/full so it might just be bounced back to you. meh.


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