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At sa gábing iyon, naintindihan kahit papaano ng aking ina kung anu-ano ang ginagawa ng isang photojournalist at photographer para makuha lamang ang hinahabol nilang litrato.

Sa gábing iyon, napahiwatig, kahit sulyap lamang, ang maliit na bahagi ng aking pinakababantayang sarili.

Lahat ito, hatinggabi, sa tabí
ng Ilog Pasig.

Ganito pala ang pakiramdam ng isang taong nagbúkas puso sa kapwa.

> Kita mo ‘nay, ang ganda!
< ‘Di ko makita kung ano ‘yung maganda dito. Ang dilim. Kita ba sa camera ‘yan?
> ‘Yun ang trabaho namin bilang photographer, na palabasin ang maganda sa karaniwan at araw-araw.

A view of the Makati skyline from Pasig riverbank


The Fault in Our Stars

Is that they don’t have any.

First of all, I would like to make an apology. This post is in now way related to the John Green novel, aside from a referential play on words.

Second, The Fault is Not in Our Stars, but in our urban sky.

A few days ago, I bought a new telephoto lens. News came that a meteor shower would be visible on that night, and seeing it as a great opportunity to test out the lens, I set up shop at our neighbor’s open rooftop.

While I managed to shoot nice, clear solos of the moon and city skyline, it was all there was. Only a few glinting stars and an occasional planet spaced far apart to accompany its light colored in drab blue and smoky pale orange, a scene so bare when contrasted to its ideal: white and yellowish twinkling dots in a slightly lighter navy blue sky.

Consider this picture of the moon.


A beautiful celestial body in its own right. Don’t let the sky’s blackness fool you there. It’s only like that because shutter speed’s fast; too slow and we lose detail on Luna’s surface. Stars? Look below.


All these stars hidden with the ambient light of the city sky. We can’t blame these entirely, this is simply a byproduct of human development and urbanization.

All I ask is for one night, to turn down city lights so that we can watch the night sky, crime issues aside.