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After several months of poking around, it is now possible to remove PLDTHOMEFIBR prefix from the PLDT provided FiberHome ONU. Credits to the enterprising users at TipidPC for figuring out how to access the WebUI after PLDT locked everyone out, leading me to telnet access.

Devices affected


Change PLDT modem SSID

Edit 2016-09-08
If you’re looking how to do this on PLDTHOMEFIBR, see this post.

As my way of saying fuck you to PLDT for draconially locking down the modems and not handing over the key, here are instructions on how to remove “PLDTMyDSL” from your SSID.
These instructions are tested on provided ZyXEL P660HN-T1A. If you have another PLDT-provided modem, please try it out and comment your results.
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